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Get True Peace Of Mind With The Denver Metro’s
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We’re Not Here To Sell Roofing Products. We’re Here To Protect
Your Home From Weather & Water Damage. Period.

We know the kind of reputation roofing contractors have, and it’s NOT great. What’s sad is it’s often well-earned because there ARE a lot of corner-cutting contractors out there who give the whole industry a bad name. That’s why our mission is to be the Denver metro’s MOST reliable, trustworthy, count-on-us-through-thick-and-thin roofing company.

Whether you just need a yearly roofing inspection to make sure you don’t have any sneaky leaks or other signs of damage to your home’s exterior, or you need to totally overhaul your roof, RoofTec is here for you.

We don’t just look at your shingles. We inspect your flashing, gutters, and every other component of your roof to make sure the whole system is in ship-shape.

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The reason we do this is so that when we do install your new roof, we are doing so in a way that will make your entire home more water-tight, secure, and well-insulated.

Our mission is to give homeowners peace of mind, knowing that their roofing and general contracting needs are being handled by reliable, trusted professionals. That’s the RoofTec difference…

Clear Communication

We are not here to play expert and leave you without a proper explanation of what we recommend doing and why. It’s important that you are educated about your roof and how it plays into the security of your home overall. We also go above and beyond to communicate with you throughout the process, just so you’re never left hanging. Education is key to better protecting your home, which is truly what we care about.

Courtesy, Kindness & Respect

It SHOULD go without saying, but courtesy and kindness are at the heart of everything we do. We are not in this business to make sales but to help home and business owners protect their most important investment from water damage, wind, and anything else the Colorado elements can throw at it. What’s just as important as the finished product is the experience you have working with us. That’s just another part of the RoofTec difference.

We’re Here To Help, NOT Sell

As we’ve mentioned, we’re not salespeople at heart. What we love to do is protect homes for the long haul with the sturdy, dependable roofing products. We don’t have a sales package because we tailor our solutions to YOUR needs. That’s why we have such a wide variety of options, and it’s also why our STANDARD procedure is better than most roofers’ premium packages. We won’t ever charge you extra money just for doing what we think should be the bare minimum standard of excellence.

Relentless Professionalism

There’s nothing that can shake your confidence more than an unprofessional contractor. Whether it’s a matter of lateness, rudeness, or just plain lack of organization, a lack of professionalism is apparent and ANNOYING. That’s why every member of our team makes a point of showing you the respect you deserve and maintaining a positive, professional attitude in everything they do.

Clean, Uniformed Technicians

Appearance isn’t everything, but it’s still super important to how you perceive the business you are working with. When you choose to work with RoofTec, you will get nothing but professional, courteous technicians in clean RoofTec uniforms.

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