Meticulous Installation

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Precision Installation Is Our Secret To Building Roofs
That Can Withstand The Colorado Weather.

Our Meticulous Installations Ensure
Durable Roofs That Truly Last In The Denver Metro.

Choosing the best materials for the job is half the battle…emphasis on half. The other half? Choosing the best roofing contractor in the Denver metro to install those materials. That is the ONLY way to get the full value out of your premium roofing materials.

The problem is, far too many contractors put the focus on the materials but cut corners and make sloppy mistakes when it comes time to install them. You might as well not have spent the extra money on great materials because a poor installation job can render your roof ineffective and your warranties void and USELESS.

At RoofTec, we proudly install GAF shingles, and we’re even a GAF Master Elite Installer, which means we are authorized to provide the absolute best warranties they offer. It goes without saying we know the value of a great warranty, so cutting corners and wasting warranties simply isn’t something we’ll do.

For us, being meticulous is about more than just doing our job to a T. We think of your roof as a complete system to protect your home from the elements.

If we notice something wrong with your gutters, skylights, or anything else, we WILL tell you and recommend a solution. That’s because we are here to preserve and protect your home, never to sell a product. That’s the RoofTec difference.

ZERO Corners Cut

We don’t like taking the easiest route, unless it’s also the BEST route. So, when we install a roof or perform a roof inspection, we refuse to leave any stone unturned. We go over every square foot of your roof with a fine-toothed comb to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

During installations, we make a point of following every single installation guideline from the manufacturer. We also pay attention to building codes, local ordinances, and how the weather will affect your home. We take in EVERY angle, so you can rest easy, knowing your roof is utterly, completely secure.

Done Right The First Time

One of the big advantages of being meticulous and adhering to precision standards is that projects turn out right the first time. You never have to worry about calling us back to fix something we missed or undo something that went wrong. We check, double-check, and triple-check our work BEFORE we call it a day.

Impeccable Installation Standards

In order to have our reputation and receive all the awards and accolades we have, we’ve had to maintain impeccable installation standards. We don’t want you to have a pretty good roof; we want you to have the IDEAL roof for your home or business and one that will last for years to come. That’s why our installation standards are better than what our competitors offer for a premium.

The BEST Roofing Warranties Available

We make a point of offering the best warranties in the business. Why? Because we know how life can be, and we know that no roof is completely impervious to harm. Getting the most out of your warranties and insurance claims is the best way to safeguard against this. Why pay out of pocket for something that could be covered by your warranty?

Keen Attention To Detail

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We have a KEEN attention to detail when installing residential or commercial roofs and when we handle any of our exterior projects. We don’t just pay attention to what your roof needs. We make note of the state of your gutters, siding, coping, fascia, and anything else that might make a difference in water-proofing and weather-proofing your home. Nothing goes unnoticed during our inspections, and our reports may be more detailed than what you get from the insurance company.

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