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Turn To RoofTec For The Most Secure, Durable
Roofing Products Available In The Denver Metro

Whether It’s Premium GAF Roofing For Your Home Or
IB ROOF PVC Roofing For Your Business, We Install Nothing But The BEST Materials.

There are some things that can get away with being a little flimsy, but roofing is NOT one of them. Your Denver area roof has to be able to hold up against hail, sleet, wind, rain, and snow.

Oh, and did we mention HAIL?

That’s why, here at RoofTec Precision Exteriors, we make a point of using nothing but the best materials for the task at hand.

We offer residential roofing products designed to withstand the harsh extremes of the Colorado climate, and our commercial and flat roofing systems are selected to meet your business’s unique demands.

Just what makes our products and materials SO great?

Strong, Durable Roofing Materials

As we’ve mentioned, Colorado weather can get pretty extreme up to and including MASSIVE hailstorms. That’s why we’ve specially selected product lines that can withstand hail impacts, high winds, extreme heat, and more.

We have sleek, standing-seam metal roofs for mitigating the heavy snows we get up in the mountains. We even have solar roofing systems from GAF Timberline Solar that are as durable as shingles and actually power your home.

Unbeatable Manufacturer Warranties

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You simply won’t find better manufacturer warranties than you’ll get with RoofTec. In fact, when it comes to GAF, we are able to offer their Golden Pledge Warranty standard on our residential roof installations. That’s an up to 50-year warranty, the likes of which just doesn’t exist in the world of roofing.

Our installation procedures are carefully planned to make sure you get FULL access to each and every warranty available to you. Most manufacturer warranties are instantly voided if your installers fail to install the materials correctly. With RoofTec, you’ll never need to worry.

Long-Lasting Products

There’s no point in a roof that fails after only a few years, so we go out of our way to install roofs that last. The products we stand by are tried and true, and are your best bet for having a pristine roof for years or even decades to come. Our GAF Timberline Shingle Roofing systems can last for DECADES, and they come with an amazing warranty to back that up.

The Best Roofing Brands On The Market

Whether we’re installing a PVC roof for your Denver area business or a brand-new seamless metal roof on your mountain home, we insist on using only the best brands on the market. Of those brands, we proudly offer the absolute top-tier product lines they have available, such as GAF’s Timberline High Definition Shingles. To put it bluntly, our standard product lines are our competition’s premium.

Heavy Duty Equipment & Installation

The materials themselves aren’t the only thing that needs to be high-quality and durable enough for the long haul. When we install a new roof, we don’t cut ANY corners, so we mechanically fasten your insulation and coverboards before fully adhering a waterproof membrane over that.

From flashing to gutters and more, we take in every single aspect of your home when installing your new roof. We’re not here just to put a great roof over your home, but to protect your entire home from the top down. That’s the RoofTec difference.

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