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Repairing Your Solar Paneled Roof

By installing a solar-paneled roof, you’re already harvesting natural energy to power your home, and enjoying paying reduced electricity bills. While having a solar-paneled roof offers myriad benefits, it does require routine repair and maintenance just like every other part of your home. Read on to learn how RoofTec Precision Exteriors is the right choice when it comes to fixing a solar roof repair.



What Complications Can Arise?

1. Holes in the Roof

Solar panel installation entails the bolting of panels to your roof with bolts, nails, and straps. These nails and bolts are typically driven through the existing roofing and into the attic or ceiling.
The holes in the roof can lead to leaks over time, and cause water damage and/or mold growth inside your home.

2. Damage to Shingles

The drilling and hammering during solar panel installation are bound to damage the shingles and roof tiles. This damage can lead to water leaks in your home, and cause more serious damage to your interior if not fixed in time.

Fixing Solar Roof Damage

There are many common types of roof damage that can occur on your roof such as loose or broken tiles, worn down materials, water damage, punctures and cracks, standing water, and structural damage on rare occasions.

If your current roof is more than 20 years old, especially if it’s an asphalt shingle roof, it probably is a good time to replace it, whether there are visible signs of roof damage or not.

Sometimes roof issues under solar panels are apparent such as missing or cracked shingles, but in other cases, they aren’t, which is when you will have to get your roof inspected by a professional contractor.

For example, granule loss is a normal part of roof wear and tear and usually requires a professional inspection. Another example is thick moss and algae growth on your roof, which indicates a moisture problem and is removed by pressure washing.

A sagging roof under or near solar panels is a major problem because it indicates serious structural damage that only a professional roofing contractor can fix.

Is it More Expensive to Repair a Solar Roof?

Solar panels are an efficient source of reliable, renewable, and clean energy for your home, and they may also qualify you for a tax credit from the federal government. However, adding solar panels to your existing home’s roof means higher maintenance costs, because the solar panels must be removed before fixing any damages or replacing your roof.

Cost to Remove Solar Panels

The cost to remove solar panels varies, but because there’s a fair bit of work involved, you can expect to pay roughly around $2,500 at the higher end, and $1,000 at the lower end of the spectrum.
Removal of the solar panel is typically not a job performed by a professional roofing contractor but requires a skilled contractor who can disconnect the solar system from the power supply, including the grid, the breakers, and the metering appliance, and detach the individual panels from one another.

Make sure you partner with a legitimate solar roofing expert – no one wants to mess with a power outage on top of a damaged roof!

Do You Need Different Shingles for Solar Roofing?

Asphalt shingles are the best shingles to install under solar panels. This material is crafted from a fiberglass or cellulose type of mat that is both flexible and extremely durable. It’s easy to install solar panels on a metal roof with standing seams because you don’t need to drill the standing seams to attach them.

You can also install solar panels on a tiled roof, but clay, slate, and concrete tiles are more expensive, but on a brighter note are more waterproof, and generally last longer than other shingles.
Flat roofs are a perfect candidate for solar panels, but the panels must be installed at a 30-degree angle for optimum energy production—a task that may require some extra hardware.



Why RoofTec Precision Exteriors for Solar Roof Repair?

Attempting to repair your solar-paneled roof is risky business because you can damage the shingles and solar panels over them.
RoofTec Precision Exteriors has been in the roof repair and installation space for over 30 years, and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.
Plus, we are OSHA certified, have earned the top GAF contractor’s certifications, and are highly recommended and certified by major roofing and construction material manufacturers.

For professional, accommodating, and trustworthy solar roof repair, contact our team today. 

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