Warranties and Materials 

Setting higher standards for our industry across the board. RoofTec provides longer and more effective warranties. As a Certified Installer with the world's leading Manufacturing Companies like Gaf, GenFlex, Mule-Hide, Sika, and Gaco Coatings. They entrust RoofTec to install their product to manufacture specs. To ensure customers roofs last the full extent of the warranty.

  • Why Choose a Master Elite Roofer?
  • What is an Impact-Resistant Shingle?

      These Specialty Roofing Shingles have been subjected to the UL 2218 Class 4 impact test, where a 2-inch steel ball is dropped onto a shingle from a height of 20 feet. Products pass the test if they show no evidence of cracks, tears, or ruptures on either side after impact. Make it less likely you will thave to file an insuance claim. INSTALL THESE CLASS 4 SHINGLES AND SAVE ON YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUMS. 

  • Why have a NDL Warranty on a commerical Roofing System?

Muti-Family Roofing

You may be aware of the challenges that come with installing a roof on a single-family home or a commercial building, but what about multi-family properties? In addition to residential and commercial roofing, we are specialized in buildings such as townhouses, condominiums, and apartment complexes. These different types of properties have roofing systems that span multiple units and property managers need to address the needs and concerns of all residents. Our thorough and timely communication with the residents of the communities and property managers ensures that we address the concerns of everyone involved throughout the roofing process. Even when it comes to maintenance on the roof of a single unit, the repair has to be completed in ways that don’t disturb those in other units. Our team here at RoofTec is educated and experienced in coordinating all these moving pieces. Let us show you that we are the one for the job!

  • Installing a Roofing System That Lasts
  • Safety, Satisfaction, and Efficiency

HOA Construction Services

Hiring our team for your upcoming apartment roofing service will help minimize disruptions for your residents and provide you with an industry leading warranty. We are the reliable and locally trusted roofing contractors for all apartments, condos, and homeowners associations. No matter if your current roofing is shingle or tile, flat or pitched, our team has the knowledge to solve any of your roofing problems. Once you compare our prices to our competitors you’ll realize that our bulk purchasing power allows our service prices to remain competitive. We are proud to say much of our work comes from repeat customers and their referrals. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary consultation for an apartment roofing service in your area.

Roofing Insurance Claims

Insurance can be a messy and convoluted process. From technical permitting jargon to delaying payment of your claim, insurance companies are known for not being the easiest to work with. Our team has years of experience coordinating with many types of insurance companies and we know exactly what to say to get to the point of the issue. Let us help you to get what you are entitled to from your claim.

Residential Roof Inspection

A yearly inspection on your home roof is more important than you think. Your roof is the first line against all storm, wind, rain, and sun damage. An unchecked roof can result in unwanted structural issues, damaged insulation, mold growth, and much more. Our professional roofing inspectors will search for unusual wear and tear, windblown damage, look for leaks, and any various problems that may have happened in the initial shingle installation. Call us today to learn more about what our residential roofing inspection includes.

Residential Roof Repair

If you own your own home, you want it to look its best. One of the most significant parts of your curb appeal is your roof, as it is one of the largest exterior portions to your home. As time goes on, your roof can become worn down from heavy rain, wind, and sun. Repairs can often be the key to keeping up your roofs longevity and strength. Don’t let a small hole or crack in your roofing shingles cause irreparable damage! Our team is trusted locally for all roofing repairs and patches. Call us now to come out quickly and address the situation on your home.

Roof Maintenance

If you are uncertain about how your roof is performing, RoofTec’s experienced team of roofers can provide you with a detailed roof inspection and an expert opinion on its current condition. If you’re considering the purchase of a commercial building, we can offer insights into whether the roof needs replacement or repairs, and at what cost. By being informed about the issues your roof has and addressing them in a professional manner, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and extend the service life of your roof.

Waterproofing / Coatings

RoofTec also offers GacoRoof & GAF waterproof coatings. Waterproofing creates a seamless membrane that seals existing roofs permanently protecting them against leaks, ponding water and severe weather. Available in several colors to enhance the aesthetics of any roof. Ideal for use on flat and sloped roofs on small and large buildings, homes, garages, patio covers, sheds, mobile homes, RVs and more.