Roof Repair Services for the Front Range

If you own your own home, you want it to look its best. One of the most significant parts of your curb appeal is your roof, as it is one of the largest exterior portions to your home. As time goes on, your roof can become worn down from heavy rain, wind, and sun. Repairs can often be the key to keeping up your roofs longevity and strength. Don’t let a small hole or crack in your roofing shingles cause irreparable damage! Our team is trusted locally for all roofing repairs and patches. Call us now to come out quickly and address the situation on your home.

Perhaps you simply need Roof Maintenance ?

If you are uncertain about how your roof is performing, RoofTec’s experienced team of roofers can provide you with a detailed roof inspection and an expert opinion on its current condition. If you’re considering the purchase of a commercial building, we can offer insights into whether the roof needs replacement or repairs, and at what cost. By being informed about the issues your roof has and addressing them in a professional manner, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and extend the service life of your roof.

Types of Roofs We Will Repair: 

Tile Roof - frequently erodes due to heavy rain or hail 
Metal Roof  - frequently corrodes and rusts in Colorado precipitation 
Asphalt Shingles - frequently cracked, split or lost due to high winds
TPO Roofs - (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) Reflective Membrane - UV light can degrade the sticky material that adheres the membrane to the rest of the roofing system
EDPM Roofs (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)  - improper installation typically leads to adhesion failure or - literally coming unglued 
PVC Roofs - known for shrinkage that leads to leaky roofs 
Coated Roofs - can be susceptible to tearing
Modified Bitumen Roofs - known for pooling water on roofs 

If you're looking up and you don't see the colorful Colorado sky -- we fix it. 

Contact a RoofTec Precision Exteriors certified roofing expert to talk through what options are available for your roofing repairs needs. Whether it's the heavy snow, hail damage or wind damage - our knowledgable roofing contractors will find the right repair for your roof, without costing you the roof over your head just for roofing advice. That's right - our estimates are completely hassle and comitmment-free, as a courtesy to our neighbors in Denver, Colorado. 

That's the RoofTec Difference. 

Item Most Companies RoofTec Benefit
# of Nails Per Shingle 4 Nails 6 Nails Durability - Increased Wind Resistance to 130+ MPH
Valley - Leak Barrier Only if Required by Code Always Waterproofing - Valleys are exposed to the most water, highest probability of leaking
Penetrations - Leak Barrier No Always Waterproofing - Seals all openings in the roof
Metal Flashings and Drip Edge Galvanized 2”x2” Baked on Enamel 2”x4” Durability - Rust prohibitive and better protection against the elements
Felt Underlayment Paper Synthetic Fiberglass Durability - Superior tear, wind and water resistance
Starter Course Sometimes None or Only Eaves Always Eaves & Rakes Durability - Increased wind resistance and roof attachment
Paint Metal Vents Plumbing Boots No Always Sustainability - Protects the metal from rusting/leaking and matches color of roof
Workmanship Warranty 1 - 2 Years 5, 10 or 25 Years Quality - Manufacturer Trained Certified Installer on job site
Shingle Warranty 5 – 10 Years 50 Years Giving you Peace of Mind


Hassle-free estimates mean you can get on with your day. 


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