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Thorough, Reliable Roof Inspections & Reports
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Our Roof Inspection Reports Are Detailed, Accurate,
And Transferable To The Next Homeowner.

We are meticulous to a T, and it shows during our roof inspections. Our technicians are roof EXPERTS. If your roof has ANY issues, we will find them and outline them clearly in our eco-friendly inspection report. It includes a 3-year weather history, which can be a HUGE benefit when filing insurance claims.

We can even issue you a Roof Certification, which can be used for future home appraisals and can be valid for 3, 5, or 7 years. Long story short, there’s simply no one better to inspect your roof in the entire Denver metro.

If we do find an issue, we are well equipped to fix it, whether that requires a minor patch-up or replacing your entire roof. We are GAF Master Elite Roofers, which means we’re in the top 2% of all GAF roofers in the country!

Why Do I Need A Roof Inspection?

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Your roof has to withstand a LOT over the course of the year, especially here in the Denver metro. Between hail storms in the summer and heavy snows in the winter, your roof has its work cut out for it.

If you wait until you notice damage, such as leaks or visible deterioration, you already have an irritating and expensive problem on your hands. It’s SO much better to catch these problems early, when they might only require minor repairs, rather than full roof replacement or potentially even more if the damage has spread to other parts of your home.

How Often Should I Get My Roof Inspected?

We recommend getting your roof inspected at least once a year. If you wait longer than that, the harsh Colorado elements have time to wreak havoc on your roof and siding. One of the best ways to do this without making a separate call is to do it when you clean your gutters. We provide gutter cleaning services, and we’re more than happy to perform the inspection while we’re up there.

What You Get With Our Comprehensive Roof Inspection Reports

Our inspection reports are a little different from what other contractors offer. We don’t just give you a brief overview. We give you a comprehensive report, containing EVERY relevant detail. This includes information that is valuable to you, your insurer, and even future owners.

We document the status of every aspect of your roof, including whether or not we notice signs of water damage, hail damage, or installation errors. If your roof is in excellent condition, the inspection report can be used to demonstrate that for appraisals and insurance.

We’re also skilled general contractors, and we’ll tell you if we notice any signs of damage to your gutters or siding. After all, your ENTIRE home has to be protected in order to prevent water damage. A great roof with faulty gutters simply won’t do the trick.

What Other Colorado Homeowners Have To Say

“I highly recommend RoofTec. Joel and his team at RoofTec were great communicators, made sure to explain everything to us thoroughly and didn’t get scared away from a flat roof. These roofs are difficult to work on and they went through a process of elimination to get it fixed and our house dry. Transparent and honest, I’ll definitely be using RoofTec in the future for all of our roofing needs.”

Eric Brodell

“They truly cared about me being 100% satisfied. Joel went above and beyond to make sure things went as planned. Not only did they complete my roof installation, but Rooftec is also in the works of finalizing a deal with my father at his place as well. Thank you so much, gentlemen.”

Brandon Brooks

“Glad we reached out to RoofTec. Had a leak coming in where the evap cooler vent entered the roof. Joel came right out and was very thorough…not only did he address the leak but took extra preventative steps to avoid future issues.”

Laura Suenram

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