How to Prepare Your Home For Colorado Winter Weather

How To Prepare Your Home For Colorado Winter Weather


During cold weather, you need to take care of your home and your family. A winter storm can cause significant damage, especially if it is accompanied by heavy winds like our Colorado storms are.

The best way to avoid having hundreds (or thousands) of dollars worth of repairs or even worse without power for weeks on end, is to take the steps to prepare your home before the big winter storm strikes!

Pay particular attention to the following areas:

🏡Home Exterior

– Inspect for damage to your roof, siding, windows and doors. Look for loose or missing shingles or tiles. Make sure no tree limbs fell on your roof or smashed your windows or doors.


🧊🧊Check For Water Damage

– Check ceilings and walls for water leaks and stains. Repair any leaks as soon as possible. Open up some rooms and bring some fresh air in to dry them out faster. Keep your eyes peeled for heavy ice dams.


🍁🍂Check Your Gutters

– Remove any debris that may be blocking water flow into the gutters. If they are damaged, replace them before it starts raining again. Then keep an eye on things so you can fix any problems quickly once it starts raining again.


💧💧💧Examine Your Basement For Standing Water

– Basements are subject to more moisture than other parts of your home, so look for signs of mold growth or standing water. The longer water sits, the more bacteria and algae can grow and infect your family.


🔍Most importantly, schedule annual roof inspections.

Our trusted roof technicians know that an issue with your roof does not just happen overnight – however, unless your roof is smashed by a tree – THAT of course happens overnight, or sometimes in the middle of the day. Who knows? Mother Nature is wild. What’s important is that you have a reliable and trustworthy roofer check out your shingles, gutters and exterior features on your roof like solar roofing panels and vents.


What may look like only cosmetic damage to your roof may actually cause internal issues in your home.

Contact our team today to ensure you’re going to be safe this winter when the Colorado snow storms come racing in.

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