Healing Hail Damaged Roofs the Right Way

Immediate Hail Damage Inspections Can Save You Thousands

We Only Submit Valid Insurance Claims and Provide Necessary Repairs

Listen, we live here too. We know how annoying it is to hear the  “dink, dink, dank” sound of oversized, golf-ball sized hail throughout your building. That’s the sound of potential hail damage and typically, it sounds just as good as nails on a chalkboard. Colorado storms frequently bring hail in the spring and summer months because that silly mother nature isn’t quite sure if she’s ready to move the snow from the mountains to the foothills or if we’re officially in rafting season and ready for our Chacos®.

In an effort to calm the post-storm chaos, we’re proud to offer full exterior inspections once the sound of the summer hits your building. The moment you hear the “dink, dink, dank” of hail destroying your Denver roofing system – give our Insurance Claim Specialists a call and we’ll schedule a full exterior inspection, so you don’t end up paying for repairs that may not even be necessary.

Or even worse, file an insurance claim that you didn’t need to. Avoid zero claims and keep your insurance premiums low.


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