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The General Contractor Colorado Chooses

Choosing an esteemed and affordable general contractor with a solid reputation helps guarantee a good experience for your home repair and maintenance.

RoofTec Precision Exteriors has trained experts, and has won crucial projects in Colorado and beyond, making us a leading name in the general contractor space.

General Contractor Services Available

We offer a wide range of general contractor services, most notably:

We offer a wide range of general contractor services, most notably:


Restoration Projects

Disaster can strike unexpectedly, and whether your home is damaged by a sudden fire or flood, our restoration contractors are well equipped with the experience and tools to repair your property.
We hold valid licenses and permits, so you can save yourself the headache of a botched restoration job. RoofTec Precision Exteriors is a fully insured company, therefore you are covered if someone is hurt, or something is damaged during the restoration work. We also work closely with your insurance company to tackle financial repayment if you need to fix the damage caused by a disaster.

Our restoration contractors repair roofs, siding windows, decking, and pretty much anything that has been damaged due to wind, fire, water, hail, etc. We also do damage assessment, and provide you with a scope agreement, before getting started with the job.

New Construction

Our general contractors often work alongside leading architects to bring their designs to fruition. The architect creates the designs, and we make the design a reality! We ensure compliance with local codes and zoning requirements and recommend code-compliant building materials to construct the building.

Interior Fit-Outs

We build custom commercial leased spaces according to the tenant’s needs. When a tenant leases a commercial space, they get nothing more than studded walls and functioning utilities, and drywall if they’re lucky! Our skilled craftsmen are backed by a wealth of experience in building materials and are able to complete virtually anything needed for the grand opening.

Remodels and Renovations

RoofTec Precision Exteriors can help with rebranding, and making the necessary changes to take your company’s image to new heights, whether it’s an expansion of a retail space or repairing and improving outdated heating and cooling systems to be compatible with today’s higher utility rates.

Site Improvements

Site improvement is yet another area where we’ve received raving reviews for our work. We transform plans from architects, engineers, and landscape architects into reality, and provide certain in-house design services. Site improvements can help contribute to your overall site’s structure, and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

Siding Repair + Replacement

Your home’s siding plays a pivotal role in the comfort, structure, and value of your property. In fact, while damaged or aging siding isn’t appealing, it can also make your home vulnerable to structural damage. For more than three decades, RoofTec Precision Exteriors has been a leading name for siding services in the Colorado area for our unsurpassed service and solutions.

Gutter Repair + Replacement

Gutters are the unsung heroes of your home but can suffer from cracks and leaks over time. Gutters protect the roofing and siding of your home when they along with the downspouts are working correctly. No matter what problem persists with your gutters, be it fallen gutters or downspouts or sagging, dented, or leaking gutters, RoofTec Precision Exteriors can provide professional gutter repair and component replacement.

Gutter Cleaning

We clean gutters like no other and are a top-rated gutter cleaning company in Colorado. Gutters should be cleaned on an annual or biannual basis, along with your property’s downspouts If your property is due for gutter cleaning, we’re just a phone call away.




General Contractor Partnerships – Working with Other GCs to Benefit the Customer

Although we have experience in providing several different general contractor services, we are in no way masters of all trades. However, we’ve built perennial relationships with specialty contractors to tackle virtually all types of projects within the general contractor and specialty contractor space.

Benefits of Hiring Your Own General Contractor for Home Renovation

There are several benefits of hiring your own reputable general contractor for home renovation. When done right, general contractors can increase the value of your property and are capable of overseeing the entirety of your home renovation process. General contractors aren’t just experts at doing the job right the first time, but we also have access to the best materials in products in bulk, saving you a considerable amount of cash in the long term.

How a General Contractor Can Aid in Property Restoration?

In several ways, starting with providing all the labor, materials, tools, and equipment needed to complete a property restoration project. We help you visualize what you want to be done to your property, get plans and necessary permits to properly carry out the project, and then get the job done.

Why RoofTec Precision Exteriors for General Contracting Work?

We at RoofTec Precision Exteriors understand building outstanding relationships is all about trust, which leads to client retention. We have over 30 years of combined experience and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We strive to deliver unmatched roofing and general contractor solutions and are recommended and certified by major roofing and construction material manufacturers.

If you’re ready to partner with the best general contracting team Colorado has to offer then shoot us a note below. We’ve got you covered.

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