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We believe adequate shelter is an essential necessity to forge towards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our neighbors in Colorado deserve the chance to fulfill their life’s purpose. However, we know that sometimes trying to figure out how you will pay for that new roof, is not on the top of your to do list.

That’s why our team exceeds the basic roofing services in Colorado. Many roofing companies will put up a new roof on your building- no sweat, but will they walk you through the full financing process and help with filing insurance claims, for you? Not usually. 

RoofTec does.


Experience the RoofTec Difference.




What does it cost to put up a new roof, anyhow?

Many Denver homeowners, alongside our industrial roofing clients know that the cost of a new roof is a daunting expense. When you start the process to install a new roof on your home the first step is to research the supplies you like to give you a better idea of an estimate of your budget to install it.

Generally, the majority of the job expense comes down to the labor that is paid to the roofers that not only are knowledgeable experts in the roofing industry but willingly risking their lives to provide a safe shelter for you and your family.


The fact of the matter is that it is expensive because it is risky.


We know you’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep your family safe. Whether your kids have thumbs or paws… you can trust the RoofTec Precision Exteriors certified roofing contractors to install the most economic and cost-efficient roof on your home. When you’re searching for the cost of building a new roof, keep in mind that the cost of labor is only a portion of the total expense. A new roof can cost thousands of dollars, the final number depending on a few different items:

  • roofer’s total years of experience
  • certifications and training for top roofing processionals
  • roof shingles and other building materials

The old adage goes “quick, easy, and cheap: you can never have all three”. RoofTec Precision Exteriors only installs the best roofing shingles and roofing materials to ensure our customers and their families are safe at home under a RoofTec roof.

If you’re ready to start planning the path to a sturdier roof, then you’re ready for RoofTec Precision Exteriors

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