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Reliable, licensed, insured and fully bonded sound really nice on paper but if your roofing contractor doesn't obey the rules of roofing - you could be out thousands of dollars. Call us and speak to our legitimate roofing experts in Denver to find the right home improvement strategy for your lifestyle. 

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RoofTec Precision Exteriors For Roofing Systems

Who has the time to hunt through countless of subpar roofers on the Front Range? Not us.
Instead of complicating the ask, we decided to give you the nuts and bolts of what makes up The RoofTec Difference.  You deserve to work with the best roofing company. We're with you on that. We don't want to convince you that we're the best, we know we're the best. We don't have to persuade you to choose RoofTec Precision Exteriors when you're searching for the most qualified and quality roofers in Denver, Colorado. You need a roofer that knows the type of roof you need for life in Denver. 
That's the RoofTec Difference. 

That's why Denver chooses RoofTec. 

Item Most Companies RoofTec Benefit
# of Nails Per Shingle 4 Nails 6 Nails Durability - Increased Wind Resistance to 130+ MPH
Valley - Leak Barrier Only if Required by Code Always Waterproofing - Valleys are exposed to the most water, highest probability of leaking
Penetrations - Leak Barrier No Always Waterproofing - Seals all openings in the roof
Metal Flashings and Drip Edge Galvanized 2”x2” Baked on Enamel 2”x4” Durability - Rust prohibitive and better protection against the elements
Felt Underlayment Paper Synthetic Fiberglass Durability - Superior tear, wind and water resistance
Starter Course Sometimes None or Only Eaves Always Eaves & Rakes Durability - Increased wind resistance and roof attachment
Paint Metal Vents Plumbing Boots No Always Sustainability - Protects the metal from rusting/leaking and matches color of roof
Workmanship Warranty 1 - 2 Years 5, 10 or 25 Years Quality - Manufacturer Trained Certified Installer on job site
Shingle Warranty 5 – 10 Years 50 Years Giving you Peace of Mind


Hassle-free estimates and insurance aid mean you can get on with your day. 


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