How To Handle Hail Damage

November 11, 2022

How To Handle Colorado Hail Damage

3 Things To Consider Before Filing An Insurance Claim For Hail Damage

If your Colorado home has hail damage, you want to fix it right away, but there’s only one problem. How will you afford it? Not everyone can pay out of pocket for unexpected home repairs to fix things like hail damage, but not addressing the issue will only make it worse over time.

A common solution is to file an insurance claim with your home insurance provider through dwelling coverage. But before you make a phone call, there are a few things to keep in mind, and to make things easier, we’re sharing the information you need to get started.

Below are three things to consider before filing an insurance claim for hail damage:

  1. The State You Live In

    The state you reside in can affect your eligibility for filing a claim. That’s because some states are more prone to hail than others. This area of the U.S. and Canada is known as hail alley and includes Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas, among other regions..

    Since these states are more likely to experience hail, homeowners might not get coverage for hail damage to their home. Some states may also require higher costs for this kind of coverage. Be sure to research your state’s rules when it comes to hail damage and home insurance.

  2. The Reason For Your Hail Damage Insurance Claim

    As a homeowner, you’re going to notice damage to your house’s exterior at some point because of normal wear and tear. Some of it may even be from hail, but smaller superficial imperfections aren’t eligible for a hail damage claim. These types of claims need to cover severe hail damage that compromises the structural soundness of your home. Your claim won’t be accepted if you want exterior repairs simply for cosmetic reasons.

  3. Your Insurance Policy

    Even if you live in a state that allows for hail damage coverage, that doesn’t mean you’re covered. Double-check your policy to make sure you have dwelling, or Coverage A, on your insurance. These coverage options allow you to file claims for exterior damage caused by hail or other “Acts of God.”

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